Body Soul Spirit

Body Soul Spirit

We as mortal human beings unfortunately began life in the state of a fleshly body decaying process call dying the moment one is born, passing through our mother's womb. It starts with our initial grasping for that gift the " Breath of Life ", which is one continuous breathing living process. Man cannot create that for which he uses in thought and substance, for these things had as is a plan created purpose to its existence.

Man In time and space has been given the free will of curiosity to grow and increase, to become aware of information and knowledge for a better understanding of aging and life longevity. Yet, many believe that death, the final physical process of lacking the " Breath of Life ", can be delayed, prolonged or abated. He seeks and minds this gap by ways of life style changes for health and wellness which should include a self motivated, proactive will , use of innovative medical devices and technology, clinical and prescription designed medicine. Is there a purposeful and productive results for a conclusive search?

Living a Life existence is three fold with each integral part different, triated, not twain but made to exist in form consistency of a Body, Soul and Spirit by One God who has never changed. We were created, made and formed.

The end returns and begins from your spirit and death ends in a physical dust. The Soul and Spirit remains to tarry time and space in an everlasting eternal existence place.

But one thing, there is hope in each freewill to chose, " For as a man thinketh in his heart, so shall his final eternal life existence be ".